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handong Rock Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. was established in July 2012 and started operation in March 2013. Our business scope consists of development, manufacturing, assembly and selling of rock drilling tools and road picks. The main products include all types of tapered products, threaded products, DTH, coal tools and road picks.

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What rules have to be paid to the use of DTH drilling tools?

Now many places need to drill holes, and drilling is also the need to use professional submersible drilling tools, of course, the general use of submersible drilling tools is also trained by professional, so that no accident. However, many people do not understand the use of rules to start operations, which is also very dangerous. First, when we use the DTH drilling tools, we need to prepare the rock hole first. Of course, we need to take into account the method of drilling the hole in the specifications of the caverns. Sometimes we have to chisel the horizontal hole, and sometimes we chisel down, and for different ways of drilling, we need to use the submersible drilling tools. Second. In the use of DTH drilling tools, we also need to use other tools, so we have to put the gas and water pipeline in the vicinity of our work, so that we can use it directly when we have the need. Of course, sometimes people's designs are different, and the types of holes are different. We need to take into account many situations and factors. Third. After using the DTH drilling tool, we must first check the firm and firm connection of the water and gas pipeline. In addition, we should also see if it has leakage of gas. In addition to checking these conditions, we also want to see if the oil is filled in the injector, and it is also important that the screw and joint of the equipment are loose. Fourth. Before we use the DTH drilling tool to open the hole, we start the motor first. If the motor runs normally, we can use the trigger to drive the motor. Of course, our thrust must be appropriate. Only in this way can the equipment work better.

What is the advantage of the air leg rock drill?

At present, the type of rock drill on the market is more and more, and the gas leg rock drill is a common one, but there are still a lot of people who do not know enough about this type of rock drill. In this case, the gas leg rock drill can not be fully used. First of all, we need to have a clear understanding of its advantages so that we can make better use of them. First of all, it is very necessary for the hard fire to be medium hard rock. It is very necessary for the gas leg rock drill because this type of rock drill is more concentrated and it is more flexible to start. Many people use air leg rock drill because they have their own unique characteristics, such as convenient use and easy maintenance. Secondly, the service life of each part of the pneumatic leg rock drill is very long, and many parts of it are universal. Secondly, the efficiency of its work is very high, and has a good blower hole function. In the same type of product, it has a big torque torque, which is much better than other types of equipment. Finally, it needs to be installed on the air leg to operate. The air leg has a good support and propelling effect, which can also effectively reduce the labor intensity. The efficiency of using this device is very high, and it works more widely than manual. The advantages of the air leg rock drilling machine, through the introduction of the above hope can help you, and we can only make it better after understanding the advantages of the equipment. Although the type of rock drill is quite complete, we still need to make choices according to our own needs.

Attention to the use of hydraulic crushing hammer drill rod

We are not familiar with the drill rod, and the type of brazing rod is many, the use of hydraulic hammer drill rod is very wide, many places need to use the hydraulic hammer drill rod. However, when we are using tools, we need to know the correct way to use them, so that we can avoid the consequences of improper operation. First, we need to know that the use of hydraulic hammer rod, must be the same direction as our small arm, only in this way can avoid the occurrence of skidding. Of course, before the use of the best, the best to adjust the steel, so that the equipment is more stable, work is more stable and reassuring, if broken to adjust in time. Second. In fact, there are a lot of skills in the process of using the rod. We can make a proper downward force, which will improve the efficiency of the broken hammer. In addition, we also need to constantly adjust the position of broken, we can not always be in the same place in the rock broken, we also need to keep moving position. Third, continuous breaking work in the same place is easy to lead to the increase of the temperature of the steel, and we also need to reduce its hardness properly, otherwise the efficiency of the work is relatively low. Although the steel is relatively strong, we can not use it as a lever, even if there is a device in the water, we do not work in the water. Fourth, although it is a hydraulic crushing hammer, but can not dive into the water, in many cases, water work can cause damage to the internal damage of the broken hammer. If we want to leave the equipment, we need to lower the arm first. We have to make sure that our equipment is safe. We will make sure that it will leave.

What are the features of the cross drill?

The cross drill is a kind of drill bit used in mining. The working nature of the mining determines that it must be a powerful tool. So it says its raw material is hard alloy and steel. With various types of rock drilling and rock drilling, it can work very well. This tool has many advantages, including strong corrosion resistance, not picky to the working rock, and can be said to be competent for the task of drilling any rock. In addition, its biggest feature is that the chisel machine can adapt to the cross drill bit with corresponding diameter. The use of cross bit is mainly for rock, generally speaking, it mainly works in limestone, granite and marble. There are many models for this tool, mainly s32-722, s40-722.8 and so on. When we choose, we must choose according to the environment we want to work and the type of rock, so that we can make the best of it. Although the cross bit is very small, it is really small, small and powerful. In a lot of hard, cracked rock, it can work very well, even under such a working environment, it can also be very good to protect itself, also say, the damage is not much, so it is very long life, even in the acid environment can be stubbornly alive, because the article open. It is said that its anti-corrosion ability is super. This tool we can choose to a number of large companies to buy, in addition to this, can also look at the relevant books, look at the above how to choose the type of problem, more can go online to explore and explore the situation.

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